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The Institute of Social and Political Studies (IESP) of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), successor since 2010 of the former IUPERJ, is a center of research and teaching Postgraduate in Political Science and Sociology in Latin America . It was here that the first doctorate in Political Science of Brazil arose, with the first thesis defended as early as 1971. From there, 222 doctoral theses were defended in Political Science and 157 in Sociology, 321 Master’s Dissertations in Political Science and 237 in Sociology. Generation after generation, the social scientists trained by the institution began to integrate the professors of prestigious universities in every country and abroad, or pursued careers in public and private institutions.

The IESP played a decisive role in the founding of the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Social Sciences (Anpocs) in the 1970s and the Brazilian Association of Political Science (ABCP) in the following decade. IESP also publishes the Data – Revista de Ciências Sociais. Published continuously since 1966, Data is indexed at the Institute for Scientific Information – ISI (Thomson Co), with a high impact on the social sciences in Brazil and wide projection in Latin America.

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The Postgraduate in Political Science comprises a master’s and a doctorate with the following areas of concentration and lines of research:

International relations and comparative politics: Comparative political analysis; Democracy, modalities of capitalism and development in comparative perspective; International policy and foreign policy analysis.

Institutions and political behavior: Political institutions and public policies; Media and public opinion; Electoral systems and party systems and political behavior.

Political theory: Classical political theory, modern and contemporary; Historical and non-historical textual analysis theories and methodologies; Brazilian political thinking.

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The Postgraduate in Sociology comprises a master’s and a doctorate with the following areas of concentration and lines of research:

Inequalities, social mobility and work: Stratification and social mobility; Work and society; Quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Political and Urban Sociology: Collective action, citizenship and social movements; Violence, youth and sociability; Urban and regional studies.

Social Theory: Sociological Theories; Social theory and modernity; Philosophy of social sciences.
The faculty of the Sociology and Political Science Programs of IESP-UERJ is composed of professors with training in universities in Brazil, Europe and the United States. The excellence of teaching is closely linked to the quality of the research developed in the house, either by individual researchers or in the 14 research groups based in the institution.

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Throughout its history, IESP has maintained a leading role in the Brazilian social sciences and as a reference center for researchers from Brazil and abroad, attracting a large number of international guests, as lecturers, guest researchers, professors and visiting students . Many foreign students went through their master’s and doctoral programs. The institution is open and encourages the reception of students from other countries, and actively promotes means to make it possible to stay in Rio de Janeiro, either through scholarships from Brazilian funding agencies or through international agreements.

More information at: http://www.iesp.uerj.br

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