IESP-EdUERJ publishes a book of homage to Marcus Figueiredo

The IESP-EDUERJ has just launched the book “Elections, public opinion and public communication in contemporary Brazil: homage to Marcus Figueiredo”, organized by professors Felipe Borba and Alessandra Aldé. The book brings together a number of works by political scientists on the subject of public opinion and its impact on political behavior. The authors share the fact that they were all influenced by Professor Marcus Figueiredo, one of the founders of modern political analysis in Brazil. The work, organized by professors and researchers from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) Alessandra Aldé and Felipe Borba, is also a tribute to Professor Marcus Figueiredo and his legacy for the organization of the subdiscipline Political Communication in the scope of Brazilian political science . To purchase the book, just click here. To know more about the Society and Politics collection of IESP-EdUERJ, click here.

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