Cooperation Agreement

IESP-UERJ maintains many cooperation agreements, with national and international institutions, aiming to widen and diversify the development of its students and professors, as well as the constitution of wide networks for academic research and cooperation. See below the partner instituions and each cooperation agreement terms.

South America

Agreement signed between IESP-UERJ and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo at the Programa de Cooperação Internacional Centro Associados para o Fortalecimento da Pós-Graduação Brasil-Argentina (CAPF-BA) led by CAPES and by the Secretaría de Políticas Universitarias of Ministério de Educación of Argentina. 2013.

With the objective of training Uruguayan students, in 1985, a colaboration agreement was signed between IUPERJ and the CIESU. IUPERJ and CIESU mantain since 1985 the colaboration agreement in which students selected from that center are accepted into the Institute’s postgraduate program. IESP-UERJ also signed an agreement with CIESU for joint researches. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

IUPERJ and the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (Buenos Aires) signed, in 2002, an cooperation agreement for professors and postgraduate students exchanges, the development of joint researches, organization and participation in seminars and academic meetings, academic programs of short period. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

Cooperation agreement between IESP-UERJ and the Programa de Pós-Graduação em Políticas Públicas e Sociedade, of the Universidade Estadual do Ceará – UECE, at the Programa de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (PADCT/CNPq) and the Fundo Setorial de Infraestrutura (CT-INFRA/CNPq) for fostering the improvement and consolidation of the postgraduate programs which are not consolidade in the public institutions of the North, Northeast and Center-west regions.

North America

Steaming from the past exchange agreements signed with the Berkeley-Stanford Joint Center for Latin American Studies and the Center for Latin American Studies of the University of Florida,  IESP-UERJ has offered institution affiliation to students in the process of the preparation of the PhD theses, as well as fostered the academic exchange between the above-mentioned institutions. IESP-UERJ also has granted institution affiliation to students from many other american universities so they can develop their thesis reaseaches and works here.

Since 1992, IUPERJ has mantained a colaboration agreement with the University of Toronto, performing its studies at the GURI (Global Urban Research Initiatives) networks, hosting national seminars and articulating urban researchers troughout Latin America. The professor Licia do Prado Valladares coordinates the network of Brazil since 1992. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

In June 1998, IUPERJ and El Colegio de México signed an agreement with five years duration that can be automatically renewed for equal periods. The agreement has as an objective the exchange of professors, students, publications, academic programs and research projects. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

In February 1999, IUPERJ and CIDE, based in Mexico, signed an agreement recognizing the importance of the academic cooperation between the higher education institutions and the participation of their respective communities in the support of teaching, research and the diffusion of the culture. The objective of the agreement is the exchange of professors, researchers, students, publications, academic programs and research projects. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.


The Agreement was signed between the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux and UERJ, coordinated by IESP-UERJ, in December 2017. The Agreement includes, among others, teacher exchange activities (one already occurred in February 2018 and another in October 2018), set up of collective research projects, as well as student exchange. The first Masters students coming from Sciences Po Bordeaux will arrive at IESP in March 2019, for six months.

Term of academic cooperation signed with the IESP-UERJ in 2014.

Acknowledging the relevance of international approximation between universitary institutions of research and education in view of the reciprocal interest in establishing formal relations of cooperation, in 1998, IUPERJ signed an agreement with the ISCTE, based on Lisbon, Portugal, aiming at the establishment of an interinstitutional program of professors, researchers and postgraduate students exchange, but also the development of joint research projects. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

In February 1999, IUPERJ and the ICSUL, based on Lisbon, signed an agreement with the objective of exchanging technical and scientific informations related to the scientific areas that both institutions develop, the exchange of professors and researchers,of postgraduate students, of publications, of programs and research projects, of meetings organization, and between the graduate courses. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

In 2000, the agreement between the Institut d’Études Politiques de Lille (France) and the IUPERJ has began to take effect. The institutions decided, by the above-mentioned agreement, to establish exchange relations in all their areas of universitary and scientific activities, through the exchange of professors, researchers and students. They decided, also, to encourage the mutual participation in seminars and meetings which they organized. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

The Institut d’Études Politiques of Toulouse (France) and the IUPERJ signed, in 2005, an agreement of mutual cooperation with the aim of fostering the exchange of professors and students, of organizing seminars, speeches, colloquia and share experiences. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

The objective of this agreement is to foster and develop cooperation relations between the members through the exchange of students, the development of joint researches and the connection between professors and researchers from each institution. In 2006, a CNPq/CNRS agreement was signed, connecting both institutions, as well as CEBRAP and Fiocruz, for the development of an international comparative project on urban segregation.


In 1998, IUPERJ signed an agreement with teh ISRI, based in Maputo, Mozambique, aiming at the exchange of technical and scientific informations related to the areas of research and education, of professsors, researchers and students. The agreement also provides meetings organization, trainee programs, university extension activities, researches development, exchange of courses developed by both institutes and the establishment of common relations with other institutions, from their countries and also foreigns, for the endings foreseen by their members.
O IUPERJ firmou em 1998 convênio com o ISRI, sediado em Maputo, Moçambique, visando permuta de informações técnico-científicas no tocante às áreas de investigação e docência, de professores, pesquisadores e estudantes. O acordo prevê, ainda, a organização de encontros, programas de estágio, atividades de extensão universitária, desenvolvimento de pesquisas, intercâmbio de cursos desenvolvidos por ambos os institutos e estabelecimento de relações em comum com outras instituições, de seus países e estrangeiras, para os fins colimados por ambas as partes. This program remains at the IESP-UERJ.

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