Extension Course “City: Peripheral Looks”

Registration is now open for the CITY extension course: Periphant Visions. The course is a partnership between IESP / UERJ and Instituto Roque em Movimento, and takes place from September 18 to December 1, always on Wednesdays, at the same time from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at IESP, Rua da Matriz, 82 – Botafogo. The total course workload is 36 hours.

The purpose of the course is to rescue and present politically denied views about the city. Not only looks, but sounds, readings and practices that present a different sensibility and meaning to those that pose as official visions of the world and history. Bringing these perceptions to the surface will evidence the multifaceted cartography from which cities are produced. It has as its target audience: students and researchers in: social sciences and related areas, as well as social movements, third sector, public managers and public policy makers.

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For further information: olharesperifericos@iesp.uerj.br

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