Fábio Kerche

PhD in Political Science (USP-2003)
Lattes | fkerche@gmail.com

BS in Social Science (1994), MS (1998) and PhD in Political Science (2003) from the University of São Paulo. He is tenured researcher and professor in the graduate program in Memory and Archives at the Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation. He was visiting scholar at New York University (2000) during his PhD program and research fellow at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University, Washington, DC (2016/2017). He published the book Virtude e Limites: autonomia e atribuições do Ministério Público no Brasil [Virtue and Limits: autonomy and attributions of the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office] (Edusp, 2009) and is one of the organizers of Reforma Política e Cidadania [Political Reform and Citizenship] (Fund. Perseu Abramo, 2003) and of Operação Lava Jato e a Democracia Brasileira [Car Wash Operation and the Brazilian Democracy] (Contracorrente, 2018). His main areas of research are democracy, accountability, Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Judiciary.