Note on the situation of UERJ

UERJ is one of the largest and most important Brazilian universities. In addition to a prominent role in the most diverse areas of knowledge and training of several generations of professionals, she is also a pioneer in the implementation of policies to expand access to university, being the first to adopt racial quotas for admission to undergraduate courses and, More recently, also in graduate school. In national and international evaluations it is recognized as an institution of excellence, recognized for the value of its scientific and technological production, as well as for the hundreds of extension projects and services rendered to the people of Rio de Janeiro. Despite its unequivocal importance, our university is now experiencing unprecedented difficulties.

The crisis that Brazil is going through is acute, and it presents itself acutely in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The non-payment and payment of salaries of technical and administrative staff and teachers, as well as the lack of transfers of funds for maintenance and payment of outsourced companies that provide security and cleaning services, have led the university management bodies to Successively postponing the start of classes in basic education and graduation.

At the Institute of Social and Political Studies (IESP), and in most of UERJ’s graduate programs, classes are being resumed at the beginning of March, due to the linkage of activities to the national calendar of development and evaluation agencies, Mainly to CAPES. Failure to meet the requirements of these bodies would imply that the programs would be unfeasible, with possible cuts in scholarships and research grants.

The resumption of classes does not mean, however, omission in the current situation. IESP students, staff and teachers met on March 7 and will continue to meet periodically to discuss the university and institute situation, propose mobilization events and public debates on alternatives to the crisis, as well as to coordinate actions that allow Activities can continue and that the difficulties are collectively faced in the most solidarity In addition to the permanent participation in the formal instances of the university and in spaces such as the Academic Units Directors Forum, we support and are engaged in mobilization movements of the various UERJ segments.

To know more about the UERJ situation and to follow the mobilization agenda, we recommend visiting the UERJ Resiste Facebook page. Short and spread:

To follow the institutional decisions of UERJ, visit the official website of the University:

To know the position of the teachers’ association and the calls / deliberations of the Assemblies, see the Asduerj website:

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