New Research Group – NEAAPE

Already on the air is the site of the new research group of IESP-UERJ, the NEAAPE (Nucleus of Actors Studies and Foreign Policy Agendas). The group brings together researchers and researchers dedicated to understanding the plurality of actors and the diversity of agendas that currently characterize the foreign policy universe of different countries, either individually or in a comparative perspective. NEAAPE produces texts, maps, infographics, tables and interviews that illustrate and problematize this field of research. Created in 2016, the Nucleus continues the research carried out within the framework of the extinct Network of Agendas and Actors of Foreign Policy that was responsible, with the support of CNPq, for advancing the reflection on foreign policy as a public policy. Click here for more information.
Coordinator: Leticia Pinheiro
Deputy Coordinator: Fernanda Nanci Gonçalves

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