Visiting Researchers

The IESP-UERJ has the tradition of receiving internationally renowned Brazilian and foreign researchers who cooperate with the institution by giving conferences, teaching courses, and conducting their research in Brazil. Below is a list of the researchers that have passed through the institution in the last years:

Afrânio Garcia

Afrânio Garcia 2017, 2018

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris
CV | E-mail:

Teun van Dijk

Teun van Dijk 2016

Universidade Pompeu Fabras, Espanha
CV | E-mail:

Edmond Preteceille

Edmond Preteceille 2013, 2015-

Sciences Po, França
CV | E-mail:

Christian Azaïs

Christian Azaïs 2015

Université de Picardie Jules Verne e LISE UMR 3320 CNAM, França
CV | E-mail:

Seth Racusen

Seth Racusen 2013

Anna Maria College, EUA
CV | E-mail:

Raluca Soreanu

Raluca Soreanu 2013-2015

Birckbeck University of London, Reino Unido
CV | E-mail:

Kathya Araujo

Kathya Araujo 2013

Universidade de Santiago de Chile, Chile
CV | E-mail:

Pedro Zuquete

Pedro Zuquete 2013

Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
CV | E-mail:

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