CAPES PrInt (Political Science)

Foreign Policy, Regionalism and International Cooperation


The IESP-UERJ Post-Graduate Program in Political Science (PPGCP) has faculty-researchers working in the field of International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis who are nationally and internationally well-known. This reality has allowed several international partnerships to be established with universities and research centers, increasing the exchange of knowledge in the area, the visibility of the institute and the internationalization of its academic production. These same researchers have successfully supervised several PhD theses and Master dissertations, and currently supervise more than 20 PPGCP students who, in addition to developing their research within this project, work in numerous activities of the research laboratories linked to this initiative (LABMUNDO, NEAAPE and OPSA).



Objective 1 – To build capacities of students, young PhD’s and professors abroad: internationalization is an essential part of the training of students, young PhD’s and professors linked to this PPGCP project, through short courses and missions, sandwich-doctoral programs and postdoctoral missions. Short and long-term training activities are an important step in the development and expansion of research networks and bi-national or multinational diplomas at master’s and doctoral level (for instance, through co-supervisions).



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Partner institutions

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Professors from abroad

Some professors will participate in seminars and workshops in Brazil, others will be our partners in publications and seminars, panels and workshops abroad.

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The project will launch here calls for professors and students within the scope of the three presented objectives.


Here we will present the main results in terms of seminars, publications and research conducted.


Here we will present videos of seminars and interviews, the main news and results in terms of conferences, publications and research carried out under this project.