IESP-UERJ lecturers and students are awarded by ABCP

IESP-UERJ lecturers and students were among those honored and honored at the XI Meeting of the Brazilian Association of Political Science, held between July 31 and March 3 in the city of Curitiba.

On that occasion, the IESP-UERJ professor, Argelina Figueiredo, was one of those honored by the Association, who highlighted the academic relevance of her work. Professors Carlos Milani, Leticia Pinheiro and Maria Regina Soares received the award for best academic article and Luis Felipe Guedes da Graça, doctor for the House, received the award for best book.

In addition to the honors and awards, Professor Fernando Guarnieri was elected Executive Secretary of the Association for the 2019-2020 biennium, succeeding Professor Cristina Buarque, and it was approved the creation of a new Thematic Area to house research on Race and Ethnicity, to be coordinated by Professors Luiz Augusto Campos of IESP-UERJ and Cristiano Rodrigues, of UFMG.

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