Solidarity note

The IESP community expresses its total solidarity with UFRJ and particularly to the colleagues of the National Museum for the irreparable loss suffered on the night of September 2 nd. Since the foundation of our graduate school, at the end of the 1960s, we have always had an extremely close relationship with PPGAS.

It was engulfed by the flames of a fundamental part of the collective memory of our country. But we are not allowed to misrepresent at such a critical moment. It is necessary to recognize that the loss of the National Museum’s patrimony is a direct consequence of the financial strangulation to which the public institutions, particularly the universities, of our country are being subjected. It is of the utmost importance at this moment that this enormous tragedy is reverted in the energy of reaction of the whole society against the project now in vogue for the dismantling of the Brazilian State.

We at IESP join the fellow teachers, workers and students of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in the fight against the scrapping of the Public University and in defense of science and culture.

João Feres Júnior

Institute of Social and Political Studies – IESP
University of the State of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ

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