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The Master’s and PhD programs in Sociology and Political Science of the UERJ were created in November 2010. They recreate the format, level and procedures that, in the institution of origin, the former IUPERJ, guaranteed the excellence in Brazilian graduate studies for more than 40 years. The Master’s program lasts two years, during which the student receives an intensive theoretical and methodological training in his/her area of specialization. Once the student completes 27 credits, he/she obtains a certificate of specialization. During the fourth semester, the student prepares a dossier that includes, in addition to his/her academic records, a Master’s thesis that he/she will have to defend before a Committee of three professors (one of them external to the institution). Once the thesis has been successfully defended, the student obtains a Master’s degree and can access the PhD program.

The PhD program is intended to train researchers and is centered on original research and thesis production. Since it has a mixed nature, or half-tutorial, it offers greater flexibility for the student and more responsibility for the professor-tutor, and at the same time, ensures institutional controls on the flow of students. The credits are obtained through class attendance and participation to three research seminaries, one seminary of project and two seminaries of thesis. After completing the first year, the student must defend his/her thesis project, which will serve as a qualification exam to pursue his/her research. The thesis defense must be done before the end of the eighth academic semester.

Graduate Program in Political Science

Graduate Program in Sociology

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